October 19

90 Days to Homeowner Challenge | Week 2

You’ve been scrolling the listings, playing with numbers, and thinking about neighborhoods and commute times for months and months. The problem is you’re stuck. It’s quite possible you have a serious case of analysis paralysis.⁣

If you can’t stop scrolling—and start moving—towards your first home sweet home, consider this the friendly intervention you’ve been waiting for. ⁣

To nudge you forward, we will go over.a simple breakdown of the six steps in the home buying process:⁣

  1. Gather docs and get pre-approved.⁣
  2. Locate down payment funds.⁣
  3. Begin the house hunt.⁣
  4. Negotiate an offer and contingencies.⁣
  5. Schedule a home inspection.⁣
  6. Close, get the keys, and move in!⁣

    So many jump straight to the house hunt (it is the most fun part!), but I highly recommend getting all your financials in order first. ⁣

    Want to know more? For the second day of our 90 Days to Homeowner Challenge, we’re talking about what the process looks like and how to get prepared! It’s never too late to join, so click below to sign up!


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