90 Days to Homeowner Challenge | Week 4

Remember middle school social studies (yeah, sorry to bring that up)? We all learned the difference between wants and needs. Needs? Food, clothing, shelter, and water. Wants? Pretty much everything else.⁣

To help focus your house hunting, we’re going to make a wants vs. needs list all of your very own. So grab a pen and paper or your phone and favorite note-taking app and don’t worry—I’m here to help keep the two categories straight.⁣

Here’s a simple definition. Needs are the non-negotiable features; the features you simply must have in your next home. Wants are the ones you’d like to have, but you can add or change down the road.⁣

Needs might be things like:⁣

• Enough square footage for you and your family⁣
• Sufficient bedrooms and bathrooms⁣
• First floor master bedroom⁣
• Close proximity to work and school⁣
• Attached two-car garage⁣
• Grassy yard for children’s or pet’s play area⁣

Wants will look more like:⁣

• Specific paint or exterior color⁣
• Pool, jacuzzi, or other exterior water feature⁣
• Fenced-in backyard⁣
• Specific carpet, hardwood floors, or tile⁣
• Kitchen amenities like countertops and appliances⁣
• Walk-in shower or double bathroom vanity in master⁣

Don’t feel like your first draft has to be your final draft—and above all else, remember you can’t change the lot, the location, or the price you paid so spend a good amount of time thinking through those three before moving on. ⁣

If you’ve been working through the 90 Day to Homeowner Challenge, you’ve made a huge investment in yourself and your future. (Remember, it’s not too late to join – Send me a message for more info!)⁣

Pre-approval and wants vs. needs checklist in hand? Give me a call and let’s find you the 2021 home of your dreams!