Haunted Mississippi | King’s Tavern

Haunting, and Paranormal Activities

One of the oldest buildings in Natchez built in the 1700’s. The city’s oldest standing building. King’s Tavern is rich in history, and that includes the paranormal kind. Considered the most haunted restaurant in Mississippi. The building is believed to be haunted by several ghosts. Including Madeline. The mistress of one of the tavern’s original owners. Although many believe Madeline was murdered by the wife of her lover. No one is sure what happened to her. In the 1930s, when the skeletal remains of three bodies. Two men and one woman one of which was assumed to be Madeline. Were found hidden in the wall behind the fireplace. A jeweled dagger was also found with the remains. Which was assumed to be the murder weapon. Aside from supernatural happenings believed to be caused by Madeline. Employees have reported hearing a phantom baby crying, seeing mysterious reflections appear in mirrors, and an unoccupied bed giving off a warmth as if someone was sleeping in it.

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