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Homes For Sale In Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Starting a home search can feel like an adventure. There are many places to consider and beautiful homes awaiting ownership. 

We can all agree that daydreaming is enjoyable and exciting. Once you are serious about buying a home, you must make some decisions.

Best Real Estate Agent In Hattiesburg MS - Starting a home search in Hattiesburg? Keep reading for more insights.

The home-searching process can be tricky. With so many dreamy homes, deciding on the best few options can be overwhelming.

Hattiesburg Real Estate - Be sure to reach out to Beth Scharwath, who lives and breathes Hattiesburg real estate!

My name is Beth Scharwath. I will be your guide to discovering more about the homes for sale in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

I have been selling real estate since 1996. 

I live and breathe Hattiesburg real estate! 

I know a thing or two about the current homes for sale in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

How to Start Your Hattiesburg, Mississippi Home Search:

Hattiesburg has a 38.2% homeownership rate. It ranked third among the cities in Mississippi with the most households. Census estimates Hattiesburg's population has reached 47,068 as of 2022.

In 2022, the US median home price rose from $310,600 in 2021 to $357,300. Hattiesburg's median home price is $197,242, indicating that the cost of homes here is lower.

Its lower cost of living, crime rate, and higher quality of life are major selling points for the city. Hattiesburg added 4,200 housing units after the year 2000.

Now is an excellent time to buy a home, as there are about 500 homes for sale in Hattiesburg right now! 

The homes are available for sale in the Hattiesburg area, and their prices range from $9,999 to $1,750,000.

Find your ideal home in Hattiesburg by starting your search here!

You can now choose from 250 single-family residential houses ranging from $23,500 to $2,225,000.

Three multi-family homes are also up for sale, with prices between $295,000 and $765,000.

These properties are near Bay Street, Main Street, Broad Street, and Corinne Street. A few houses are up for sale close to 3rd Avenue, E. Laurel Avenue, Conti Street, and Mamie Street.

There are also 17 commercial properties in the area, with prices starting at $200,000 to $800,000. You can view them if that is something you are also considering.

Anytime you want to find out what new homes have hit the market, you can visit my Search for Homes page.

I also work with new home builders. There are 24 listings for brand-new houses constructed since 2021, ranging from $179,500 to $675,000. Most homes are along Legacy Boulevard, in S Founders, and in Mt. Pleasant.

This New Construction Home for Sale page on my site features a list of all brand-new homes. You will find photographs and descriptions of each property.

How To Look Up Homes For Sale In Hattiesburg, Mississippi?

First, you want to see some of the homes for sale. There are currently 500 listings available for browsing! Click https://www.bethscharwath.com/search-for-homes/ to start your home search.

My most important advice to you as you start your home-buying journey is to stay within your budget

Do NOT look at homes you can’t afford to buy, or you are not approved to buy. 

This will set you up for disappointment. 

Believe me, I work with many buyers and have had to explain why they can't buy a home they fell in love with.

My Home Search tool allows you to specify a price range. It will help you to stay within your means and avoid disappointment later.

Top Real Estate Agent In Hattiesburg MS - Read on for a guide to discovering more about the homes for sale in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

You can specify the lowest and highest prices so you can have specific search results. This function will help narrow your search to affordable homes, saving you more time.

You can narrow your search by sorting the results from lowest to highest price or vice versa.

You also have the choice to input the max number of days listed. It will allow you to view the newest or oldest listings first.

One thing on your wishlist is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Don't worry; I have it covered! You can enter the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you want in a house using our home search function, from 1 to 10.

You can also type in the number of square feet you desire for a property to see only the options that meet your needs.

My second tip is to learn everything about the homes you find interesting. Learn as much about the property's primary features and financial details.

You can browse 25 listings per page in the results section of our Home Search tool. There are important details like the price, listing ID, and listing status for each result.

There are three menu options for each listing. The first menu lets you view photos of the property and a guide that will show you how to get there. 

Another menu lets you access info about the listing, like price, lot dimensions, etc.

The next step is to pick your favorite homes and spend some time reviewing each one's key features.

Another menu lets you add a property to your list of favorites in each listing. This menu is helpful if you want a listing to be one of your semi-final choices.

Putting them in the favorites will help you save a lot of time when you revisit each option.

You are free to contact me soon as you come across one or more listings that pique your interest. Remember to include your email address to receive a prompt response.

Top Real Estate Agent In Hattiesburg MS - Contact the top real estate agent in Hattiesburg, MS, Beth Scharwath, at 601-606-300 to get started with your real estate needs.

How to Find the Best Homes in Hattiesburg, Mississippi?

NAR says 53% of homebuyers think finding the right property is the most challenging part of home-buying. Next comes the paperwork (17%), followed by knowing the procedure and steps (15%).

Having me on your side as you search for your ideal home will be beneficial. It will make your search as simple and hassle-free as possible! You can grasp the home-buying process better with my help.

Homes For Sale In Hattiesburg MS - Here's how to look up homes for sale In Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

You can find the best homes here, and contact me so I can tell you more about the available properties. 

I'm with The CD Group KW ELITE Keller Williams Realty. You can rely on me as your guide and trustworthy source of housing market information. I'll be ready to answer any questions you may have about home searching.

Final Thoughts

I trust this guide has given you some helpful information about homes in Hattiesburg.

The time to begin your search for a new home is now! You can count on me as your number one source for all things related to property in the Hattiesburg area. 

I will be by your side as you look for potential homes that meet your long-term goals and plans. You will have my complete attention throughout the entire process.

Contact me, Beth Scharwath, at 601-606-300 or bscharwath@gmail.com to get started.


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