September 27

Packing a Picnic


The nice thing about the Hattiesburg area is that you can Picnic most of the year. Now with social distancing keeping us from frequenting restaurants as often as we might normally, picnicking is a great way to get your family outside for some meal-time adventure.

Here are some tips to make it extra fun for the whole family.

• Instead of packing one large cooler that might be cumbersome to transport to your picnic spot, use smaller coolers for food and drinks, and totes for supplies. Let each family member be in charge of carrying one item so mom and dad don’t bear the brunt of the work. Or consider a fold up utility wagon. We use ours for everything from tailgating to open houses. Its makes moving everything from the car at one time so much easier.

• Pack some playthings. Kids get bored fast, so bring games, balls, bubbles, or outdoor toys to give them more to do than just eat.

• Keep everyone comfortable with sunscreen, insect repellent, hats, and sunglasses. Remember that as you play and eat throughout the afternoon and the sun goes down, you might need to switch from sunscreen to sunshades. You won’t want the fun to be forced to an early end due to an onslaught of mosquitoes, a bad sunburn, or the sun shining in everyone’s eyes.

• Make your picnic spot more comfortable by bringing a small rake. A child-sized rake is easy to pack and will allow you to quickly clear your site of prickly pinecones, pebbles, or seashells.

• A nice large picnic blanket is a great idea and makes for pretty pictures, but camp chairs and a small folding table are more comfortable and keep you away from the ants.

• Make your outing educational. Even if you are only going to the backyard, you may be able to find some teaching moments among the trees, plants, insects, or critters that live nearby. If you are headed to a park, visit their website first and find out a little about the history of the area or the plants and animals in the area. For nighttime excursions, a location away from artificial light will make stargazing easy. Bring a strong flashlight to point out constellations.

Great Picnic Sites in Hattiesburg area.

Kamper Park is located at the Hattiesburg Zoo has a wonderful picnic area and playground.

Town Square. It’s a great place for a picnic, especially on the weekend if you’ve been to the Lucky Rabbit.

Paul B Johnson State Park has a picnic area and plenty of things for the family to do . Click Here for more information.

If you know of a good place to Picnic in the Hattiesburg area, drop me a message and I’ll add it to the list.


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