October 17

Ultimate Autumn Home Prep


My idea of fall prep? Hang a wreath, light a pumpkin spice candle, and bring out all of the fall decorations. Actual fall prep is a little more extensive, but it’s so essential for protecting your home. 

I’m excited to talk about how you can prep and protect your home for these cooler temps! 

Here some things you can tackle right now that will pay off BIG once winter comes around! 

#1: Check For Drafts: I dread getting my heating bill during winter. No matter how frugal we are, it’s higher than I want it to be! I like to check my windows for drafts to make sure we aren’t losing heat. Did you know that heat loss can be about 30% of your energy usage?! You can check to see if you have window drafts by grabbing a piece of printer paper (*hold up a piece of paper*) and trying to slide it under the door or window. If it slides easily under, you need to update your weatherstripping! 

#2: Bring In Your Outdoor Furniture: 

Yes, I get it. It’s called “outdoor” furniture for a reason, but it’s not meant to live through snowstorms (we get them occasionally in Hattiesburg MS) and constant fall showers. That furniture is expensive, so don’t test the limits by leaving it out ALL year round. Either invest in furniture covers or pull it in under the patio! You can find a waterproof furniture cover on Amazon for under $50! 

#3: Change Your Filters! 

You guessed it! Dirty filters (*hold up air filter*) can cost you more money than it should be! Dirty filters are not only gross, but they make it harder to keep your house at the temp you want, which means higher heating bills. You should be cleaning your filters monthly anyways, but if your family is anything like mine, filters are at the bottom of your to-do list. 

You can actually purchase foam filters that just need to be vacuumed monthly and won’t have to be replaced as much! 

#4: Test Your Winter Equipment: 

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is worse than losing power in the middle of the night and discovering that the generator isn’t working.

Before it’s too late, check all of your winter equipment for issues. If needed, buy new parts, tools, or equipment! It’s better to have it on hand, because goodness knows the one time you don’t, you’ll wish you did! 

Listen, I get it. Prepping your home for fall isn’t the number 1 priority right now, but these small to-do’s will make a BIG difference once winter comes. Don’t throw away your hard-earned money on things you can easily adjust! 

I hope these tips help you prep your home this fall and save money in the end! 

If you’re looking for more tips or you’re ready to find a home that’s already prepped for fall, reach out! I would LOVE to help you FALL- in love with a new home! 

Comment below or shoot me a message and let’s start the house hunting! 


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