What’s My Home Value in Hattiesburg, Mississippi? 

 June 20, 2022

By  Beth Scharwath

If you are a homebuyer, you may be wondering what factors go into pricing a home. Or, if you are a homeowner thinking of selling, you may be curious about how much your house would sell on the market. No matter which side of the equation you are on, it's important to understand Hattiesburg's home values. 

In April 2022, the median listing property price in Hattiesburg, MS was $225K, up by 14.5 percent year over year, according to Realtor.com. The typical property price per square foot on the market was $123. 

Hattiesburg is a Mississippi city with 16 distinct neighborhoods. There are 467 houses for sale, with prices ranging from $5,000 to $5.5 million.

Hattiesburg has reasonably priced multi-family housing. It is situated between Jackson, Gulfport, Mobile, and New Orleans in southern Mississippi. Hattiesburg is known as the Hub City because of its proximity to larger cities like Atlanta and Dallas.

This blog post will give you a snapshot of the current market conditions in Hattiesburg, MS. We'll also cover what to expect when pricing your home. So whether you are starting out on your homeownership journey or are getting ready to sell, keep reading for valuable information about Hattiesburg home values.

Hattiesburg Homes for Sale

What's the Current Market Like in Hattiesburg?

The real estate market in Hattiesburg is currently very hot. As mentioned above, the average home in Hattiesburg is presently worth $225k. However, this figure does not consider your home's specific location or features. If your home is in a desirable neighborhood with special features like a pool or large yard, it could be worth more than the average. 

Home prices are rising, and there is high demand for housing. This is a great time to sell if you are thinking about it. Additionally, the best way to estimate its value is to contact a real estate agent. Top real estate agents like Beth Scharwath are familiar with the Hattiesburg market. She can give you a more tailored estimate based on your home's specific location and features. 

If you are a buyer, you may want to act fast to get the home you want before prices rise even further. Before you search for homes for sale in Hattiesburg, MS, ensure to work with Beth Scharwath, the best real estate agent in Hattiesburg, MS.

Home Buying in Hattiesburg

What Is the Cost of Living in Hattiesburg, MS?

According to RentCafe, Hattiesburg, MS, has a cost of living that is 3% more than the state average. However, it is 14% lower than the national average. Hattiesburg, MS, housing is 34% less expensive than the national average. 

At the same time, utilities are 6% less expensive. When it comes to necessities like food and clothing, Hattiesburg, MS, is around 8% cheaper than the rest of the country's groceries, and clothing is about 8% cheaper.

Compared to the US average, healthcare services cost 8% less here. Non-essential spending such as entertainment and grooming services are also 8% less expensive in Hattiesburg, MS.

Home Value in Hattiesburg

What Factors Affect Home Values in Hattiesburg?

Hattiesburg is a great place to live for many reasons. The weather is mild, the people are friendly. There are also plenty of things to do. 

Hattiesburg is also a great place to live because of its affordable housing. Hattiesburg's home values are affected by many factors, including location, the housing market, the economy, the job market, and more. 

Some of the main factors that impact home values in Hattiesburg are:

1. Local Economy

A strong economy means more people are moving to the area and more housing demand. This drives up prices.

2. Job Market

A healthy job market also leads to more people moving to the area and increased demand for housing.

3. Housing Market

Hattiesburg is currently in the midst of a seller's market. This means there are more buyers than homes available, driving up prices.

4. Interest Rates

Low-interest rates make borrowing money to buy a home cheaper, which increases demand and prices.

5. Size and Condition of the Home

Larger, well-maintained homes will usually be worth more than smaller homes that need some work.

6. Location

The most important factor is location. Hattiesburg is in the southern part of the state, so homes closer to the coast will generally be more expensive than those inland.

Factors Affecting the Home Value in Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg, MS Is Also a Strong Renters' Market

Hattiesburg, MS is often thought of as a town rich in Southern hospitality and charm, and while that may be true, it's also a great place to rent an apartment.

In fact, Hattiesburg has been named one of the top 100 cities for renters in America. There are many reasons why Hattiesburg is such a great place to rent an apartment.

For one, the city has many amenities that appeal to renters, such as various restaurants, nightlife options, parks, and recreation facilities. And finally, Hattiesburg is located close to several major employers, making it a convenient place to live for those who work there. If you're looking for a city with it all, Hattiesburg should be at the top of your list.

Are you still deciding if it is time for your family to upsize or downsize? Let us help you decide! Please read our blog for more information.

Homes for Sale in Hattiesburg MS

What's It Like to Live in Hattiesburg, Mississippi?

According to the Chamber of Commerce, Hattiesburg is the second-best city to live in Mississippi, trailing only the city of Madison north of Jackson. Employment, housing, quality of life, education, and health were used to determine rankings.

Despite its modest size, Hattiesburg has a remarkable amount of art and cultural venues, such as the Saenger Theatre, the Lucile Parker Art Gallery, the University of Southern Mississippi Art Gallery, and the African American Military History Museum. The University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University are Hattiesburg's two primary university campuses.

Hattiesburg's transportation system includes three Interstate and US Highways, three freight rail lines, the Hattiesburg/Laurel Regional Airport, and the Gulfport/Biloxi, Mobile, and New Orleans trade ports.

Final Thoughts: Is Hattiesburg a Good Place to Live?

Hattiesburg is a great place to live! It's a friendly city with a strong sense of community. There are plenty of things to do, whether you like spending time outdoors or enjoying the arts and nightlife. The cost of living is affordable, and the local economy is healthy. The job market is also good, making it a great place to start or raise a family.

If you are thinking of moving to Hattiesburg or are already a resident wondering if now is a good time to sell, we hope this blog post has given you some helpful information about Hattiesburg home values. Contact Beth Scharwath today for more personalized advice about the market in your area.

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